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UPDATED: September 15, 2018


Stay tuned for some exciting news about 2018 shows!

2018 Show Schedule!
Check out our 2018 Shows on our Show Schedule. We have some great shows coming up.  If you have questions, please feel free to email me or call me.
Here are some pictures of our booth. 
Please join us at our next event! Meet both Denny from Denny Rose Designs and Shelley from DeeShell Bead Creations. Gorgeous jewelry and beaded creations. Knits for dolls, kids, and adults. Khumihimo jewelry, Kazuri, Swarovski, hand stictched items, custom items plus much much more!
Payment Information

Credit Cards, Checks, Money Orders, and Cash are welcome forms of payment.  Should you wish to purchase from the website, please email me, and I will get back to you with a total. The best way to see our items is to come to one of our shows. 

If you need a piece to be custom fit or would like to custom order something, please allow 4 weeks for delivery to ensure that I have the beads needed to make the item you are requesting. For the most part, it takes about a week for special ordered beads to arrive and a few days to make the piece. I will notify you when it has been completed. I will give you a price for the item before I place the order for the beads.

If you have questions, please email me I check emails daily so I will get back to you fairly quickly. I hope this information helps!
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> First Runner Up in 2009 Beads East competition

> Selected Exhibitor in Art of Beads II, 2012

> Finalist in the 2013 Create Your Style Fourth of July Swarovski Competition

> WINNER of the Winter 2014 Turquoise String Beads Winter Snow Day Project Competition

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